This Sleep Training Method Is The WINNER, And Parents Love It

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Last Updated on August 19, 2018 by Creative Parenting

Parenting a baby would be easier if you got nine hours of sleep every night, wouldn’t it?

Entertain me for a minute…

And imagine what life would be like if you did.

Parents have lived the reality of sleep deprivation for generations.

It’s not like your grandparents didn’t miss out on a bunch of sleep!

But consider what it’d be like if you could, within the first year, get those golden 8 hours of sleep a night.

This would be a game changer.

For you, baby, and your spouse.

I’ll provide some tips for making this happen below, and how to beat some key obstacles to making it happen.

Using Sleep Training to Get YOUR Sleep

Parents can can end up with a major sleep deficit after baby is born.

And that’s a drag.

We went months for example working and being new parents on very little sleep.

When you’re listening to sleeping advice and guidelines, there’s so many people that’ll tell you various sleep training tricks.

And for us it was hard to know the best time to start…

When you read the online advice it’s really all over the place.

Here’s what the catalyst for me was:

Our pediatrician pointed out at our eight month checkup that it would actually be good for our baby’s development to be sleeping through the night.

That sealed the deal.

It needed to happen.

Sooner, rather than later.

Because EVERYONE in our house was a sleep deprived zombie.

But what approach to use to sleep train our guy?

When we started thinking about it there many options.

So we had to do some more research…

One method is letting your precious, sensitive baby cry it out.

We heard about this one A LOT.

And it’s exactly what it sounds like.

You put them to baby.

They cry until they go to sleep.

Could be minutes, could be hours.

But this sounded pretty rough to me.

A tad cruel perhaps? Maybe not.

Maybe it worked for you?

I dunno.

But I thought it sounded rough:

For baby and mom and dad.

But with sleep training (and the method I describe below), you take a HUMANE approach, recognize the baby is a tiny sensitive creature in the world.

And strategically need to learn how to sleep.

So you don’t just do it all at once.

You phase it in.

There’s a system (and it works).

Similar to the cry it out method, you start small the first night – say 5 minutes – and let them cry for a bit.

Only then do you go check on them.

Console them.

And leave.

Then repeat.

You can sleep train them in as FAST as three nights.

Kind of hard to believe, right?

A dream?

Not at all.

Because we did it.

I share this not to run in anyone’s face, but simply to say if WE could do it, so can YOU.

Let’s talk about it with an example scenario:

Get Your Sleep Back With the Ferber Method

Let’s say you and your spouse are working parents.

So you need to figure out the best time to start sleep training.

There’s no perfect time, right?

Why not a weekend then.

You both take Friday off work.

Because you’re thinking you’ll be up all night Thursday. 4 nights, you think, that’ll get us started (at least so if it drags on we’re not starting on a weekday).

You find a chart.

You calculate your time intervals.

You ready the stopwatch. Husband (or partner) volunteers to be the one to go in and console, and man the clock.

You go through the bedtime routine. Bath. Story time. Hugs and cuddles. Rocking the baby.

You put the baby down and retreat to your room.

Your husband (or partner) starts the stopwatch when the baby starts crying.

“This is going to be rough” you both say to each other.

Then baby starts wailing.

You can tell he’s getting angry now.

You both watch the stopwatch in suspense.

It’s a race of microseconds.

But the minutes pass at a snail’s pace.

Until it’s time.

Go. You say.

And your husband gets up.

Goes in.

You hear him saying the pre-planned words to comfort your baby. The baby stops crying.

For a moment.

And you can tell when your husband starts to leave.

Because your baby starts wailing.

But it’s not just any wail.

It’s the angry one.

It gets louder.

And your husband appears at the door.

He starts the clock again. You look at each other. Exasperated.

A collective sigh ensues. I really hope this doesn’t take ALL night you think.

He joins you back in bed.

You both stare at the stop watch (again).

The minutes wind down sloowly.

Until, you start getting close to the deadline of 15 minutes.

Time to check soon, you think.

But then something magical happens…

As the clock creeps down to the 14 minute mark, your baby’s wimpers start to wind down.

Oh my goodness, you think.

You and your spouse look at each other.

And think the same thing:

What if this is going to work?!

And just like that, he stops crying.

And goes. To. Sleep.

Unbelievable! You both exclaim.

Suddenly, it’s like a whole new world of possibility opened up.

… This story is how ferber method can work.

And it’s a true story. Based on my experience.

Now, I can’t guarantee that you’ll have the same success we did.

In fact, there’s a risk that it’ll be quite the opposite.

There’s certainly plenty of stories out there of that happening.

Of course, it might take you many nights to get your baby adjusted.

But even then, it’s still more humane than one of the well known alternatives:

The cry it out sleep training method.

Why Are Parents Talking About The Ferber Method?

You might have noticed this trend…

EVERYONE seems to be talking about the Ferber method.

You see, there’s really nothing that beats being able to spend just a few nights and get your kiddo sleeping through the night.

And reclaim your sleep as a result (and your mental abilities with it).

These two things are interconnected. With good sleep, comes good life.

And energy returns. When the energy returns, so does your ability to be a creative parent.

The ouctome?

Creative parenting. LIfe. Love. And the ABILITY to manage it ALL.

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