At Your Wits End With Colic? Find Your Zen

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Last Updated on February 17, 2020 by Creative Parenting


The dreaded colic.

Known to bring down even the strongest of parents!

If only there was either a way to make it stop.

Or at least mentally prepare yourself…

The endless crying.

The lack of sleep.

It feels like it will never end.

Either you (or your spouse) might be asking yourselves:

How Will It Ever End?

If not that, then probably at least you’re asking When Will It End?

Plus, it usually shows up right AFTER the really tough initial phase, but BEFORE you’ve really started to get into a swing of being a parent (if this is your first. Maybe it’s not). 

In other words?

Right at the 6-8 week mark. 

And it can FEEL impossible. Like it’s going to last FOREVER.

But there’s good news…

It won’t.

You’ll get through it.

And you’ll manage even better if you keep focused on the long-term gains.

Until then, if you’re looking for encouragement, here’s a few ideas to lift your MORALE.

Bounce On A Yoga Ball

People swear by this.

Will it solve all your problems?

Probably not.

But it might help.

Might even help more than a little.

Plus, it’ll at least get YOU thinking about yoga.

And channeling your inner Zen. So that you can stay calm…

Speaking of calm, you may want to try this:

Do Some Walking Meditation

Everybody says to keep the baby upright.

And that’s good.

But what are you going to do?

Do you have to sit around the house all evening?

Wishing for the baby to magically stop crying?


You don’t have to.

It’s better if you MOVE around too.

So put some classical music on.

Or whatever music you prefer.

Hold that screaming baby.

Take some breaths. Some DEEP breaths.

Focus on the feelings of love.

And take a walk around your house.

Breathing in, and breathing out while you do it.

And repeat this mantra:

Breathing in, I know that I am breathing in.

Breathing out, I know that I am breathing out.

I borrowed this mantra from a meditation book.

Try it?


Now that you’ve tried it, I want you to focus on this:

Know This: The Nightmare WILL End

It might not be tonight. Or tomorrow.

It might take a few weeks.

I know.

That’s not what you want to hear. It’s really tough.

But you’ll get through this. We all do.

It’s not going to last forever.

So when it gets really tough. And the meditation starts to wear off, remember:

Everything passes with time. 

And so too shall this!

I know.

You might feel desperate at times.

It’s common.

You’re not alone.

And if after reading this you still feel alone?

Just google “colic”…

Find some forums.

And read how THOUSANDS of parents just like you.

Have dealt with this before.

I know, that might not fix the problem right now.

But it can open up a little perspective.

And sometimes?

That’s all we need.

A fresh perspective.

Moment of gratitude.

Some deep breaths.

And a smile.

So we can look lovingly and with deep at affection.

At our crying and colicky bundle of joy.

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