Taming Toddler Tantrums & More Stress Reducing Tips 4 A New Phase

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Are you preparing yourself? For Toddler Tantrums and other fits?

Because a whole new set of challenges show up once you have a toddler…

If you’re not preparing, it might be time too!

Because time flies FAST.

And doesn’t slow down.

So, before it goes too fast, take a moment to:

Pat Yourself On The Back.

Because surviving newborn phase is one of the most difficult things you’ll EVER do.

The toughest stuff comes in those first months.

The sleep deprivation. Learning how to care for a brand new human.

It seems like one long endless, sleepless, blur.

And then you get through it.

You’ve done it.


The 1 year mark hits.

And just like that, your little baby starts to look less like a baby and more like a child.

A little person.

Who’s adorable!

Because they’re starting to show more of their personality. Starting to engage with the world. They might even be communicating, expressing themselves.

Showing their preferences.

And you LOVE it. It’s like every day, you’re meeting a new part of their personality.

Getting to know them as they get to know the world!

But it also comes with MORE stress.

Because they’re moving more. Getting into things.

Keeping you on your toes! It almost seems like you CAN”T take your eyes off of them for a MINUTE.

BECAUSE THEY CAN RUN NOW. (And get into things).

And that’s a whole new level of stress.

You’ve gotta keep an eye on them…

Watch to make sure they’re not running into trouble.

And stay constantly on point.

Not feeling like you can even take a break for a minute.

You can’t take your eyes off of them.

But that’s where we come in. And that’s what this post is about. Because it feels like a new experience for you (and it is!), you’re (obviously) not the first parents to experience the toddler phase.

So there’s good news. Lots of advice out there. But it can be overwhelming.

That’s why we’re sharing some tips here. To give you some insights of our own:

Of wisdom and insights for COMMON toddler CHALLENGES.

So here’s goes:

Common Toddler Challenges (And What To DO)

One of the most common issues we hear about:

When To Sleep Train

Note! We have a WHOLE post on this. Check it out.

…But sleep training is a real challenge.

Mostly it’s a timing thing.

It’s hard to know when.

It never seems like a “good” time.


Listen to your gut.

You’ll start to feel it when it’s time.

And I mean that: You’ll literally feel exhausted.

You’ll wish you were just “tired.”

So don’t wait too long.

Because sleep is delicious once you’re getting it again.

Why wait?

And here’s an idea to consider:

It gets even harder to sleep train when they get older.

So think about starting sooner rather than later.

For us, this was at about the 8 month mark.

Everyone will have their own time tables, but like I said, listen to your gut.

But ultimately, it’s about reducing your stress so you can live a more zen (Ommmm) life.

And what better way to do that than making sure the whole family is getting enough sleep?

Transitioning Away From Bottles

If your little one is super attached to their bottles, it can be so tough to take ’em away!

That’s why we took a different approach that what most people do.

Most (or many) try to just take it away COLD TURKEY.

For good.

And that doesn’t work!

Or, if it does, it’s a more tear inducing experience (for child AND parents) than it needs to be.

So we didn’t want to do THAT.


We got a transition bottle/sippy cup.

And you know what?

He LOVED it.

It’s kinda got the feel of a bottle.

With the structure of a sippy cup.


How Much independence to Grant?

This one is about balance.

Balance between:

Letting them explore. And letting them have their freedom.

And making sure they stay SAFE.

It’s a tough decision. Every day. Figuring out what’s best.

When to let them explore. And when not to.

It’s a daily gradual approach. Of letting them explore, and finding what should be off limits.

So here’s an idea: 

As long as it’s SAFE, default to saying YES.

Unconventional idea?


But try it? S

See how it goes.

Now, don’t get me wrong here. Don’t let them do anything dangerous.

But my point here is this: 

Don’t. Suck. The. Joy. Outta. Life.

Because if you do?

You’ll just feel more stressed out than before!

Ok, next topic!

How to Prepare For First Signs of Rebellion

It’s going to happen suddenly.

At least that’s how it did for us. One day our little guy just decided to say:



(That was my reaction)

Where did you learn that? I wondered aloud.

And suddenly I realized I hadn’t been ready for that moment. When a little voice said no to me.

So think about how you’ll respond. And get on the same page with

Here’s an idea I’ve been testing: Focusing on saying “no thank you” to get the manners in there early!

Again, don’t DEFAULT to being grumpy about it.

Look at it this way:

It’s a chance to practice your negotiation skills.

And don’t take NO for an answer!

When They’re Refusing to Nap

Maybe your little one hasn’t been a great napper all along? Or maybe not.

Ours fought the afternoon naps

So this one might not be new.

But when this starts to happen, it’s good to remember: Even though they might look like a child now, in many ways they’re still a baby.

How To Respond (When She Screams When She Doesn’t Get Her Way)

This one can be really tough at first. Sure they’ve always cried since being a baby…

But somehow the toddler fits are more difficult!

Now’s the chance to channel your inner ZEN.

Take a deep breath.

Breath out.

Remember! You are the adult.

Stay firm.

Stay positive.


Stand your ground.

And be the ZEN parent you’re meant to be.

Till next time!

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