The Ultimate 2018 Gift Guide For The Writer In Your Life (Including YOU!)

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Awesome Books For The Copywriter, Blogger, or Writer in 2018

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because either you’re a writer or you know a writer!

Whether it’s your spouse, grandparent, or child, we can all improve our writing!

My writing journey began several years ago. It was transformed by The Elements of Style by Strunk And White.

Still a classic today!

But once I’d mastered the tips in that gem, I realized I still had room to grow…

So I began to search. For similar books that would help take things to the next LEVEL.

Here’s a few that either I recommend. Or have been recommended to me!

Pitch Anything by Olan Klaff

Whether you are a blogger, copywriter, or just a parent going to a Parent Teacher Conference…

This book teaches you how to PERSUADE.

Check it out!

The Elements of Eloquence

If you LOVED The Elements Of Style, you’ll love this book.

Because writing isn’t just about style!

It’s about being eloquent, moving, so you can stir:


After all, we’re all humans.

And we read to connect. And the way we connect is through emotion.

Link here:

Metaphorically Selling:

They say the “secret” to writing beautifully is by using lots of similes and metaphors.

Want to learn how to write in a way that creates beautiful visual images in your reader’s mind?

Then this book’s for you!

Even if you don’t think you’re selling anything right NOW, just think about it this way:

Let’s say you’re just blogging to blog. But what you want is for people to be inspired, or moved, or learn from your ideas.

And that means you need to be able to sell.

This book can help:

The Magic of Thinking Big

This book’s been around for a while, and might not come to mind when you think about books on writing.

But it’s perfect! Why?

Because so much of writing is a mental game.

Overcoming things like:

  • motivation to write
  • finding the time
  • beating writer’s block

All can require some out of the box thinking to make it happen.

Because it’s so easy to get sidetracked by the daily to DO list in life.

And make excuses for not writing…

There’s a lotla books out there that claim to inspire. But this one actually does.

So if you wanna be inspired this year, and finally become the writer you dream of being, check it out:

Mastering The Craft of Writing

If you think of yourself as a master crafter…

Carefully assembling each word, phrase, sentence, and paragraph.

Then you’ll love this book.

Deep Work

Have a hard time focusing?

Always distracted?

Feel like the world is one endless, never ending temptation taking you away from what you need to be doing?

Then this book will speak to you:

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

As with the Magic of Thinking Big book, this one’s about mindset.

And thinking outside the box.

We all have beliefs. And these lead to certain behaviors. The outcome of those behaviors may not get us the results we want.

So if you want to change your behaviors, change your mindset!

The War Of Art

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