How To Find The Courage To Face Life Changes

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Last Updated on September 21, 2020 by Creative Parenting

A few months ago, one day at work, after pouring a cup of coffee from my French Press, a coworker asked me:

“How’s the transitions going?”

(He was referring to our sleep training)

“Fabulous!” I said.

“Oh yeah? Was that what you expected?” she said.

“Not really!” I said.

(I thought it was going to be torture)

“Well, congrats!”

Later that week, as I was getting ready to fall asleep, I thought to myself:

“Man! We are sooo lucky that sleep training went so well.”

We got lucky.

Others not so much.

But the way I see it, we paid the price with colic already?

That was the WORST.

And while we got lucky and were able to sleep train our guy in just a few days, it easily coulda been a whole ‘nother story altogether.


Even though we had MONTHS of sleepless nights leading up to it, I’m still grateful for the lack of sleep.

Is that crazy?


While that was like a slow form of torture, in hindsight I see:

It was the catalyst that finally pushed us to sleep train.

You see:

We just had to finally give in a do it.

Make it happen.

And that wasn’t – for me – exactly the easiest thing to do.

I resisted.

Put it off.

Which really, once I thought about it, I realized it’s something I often do as a parent.


With anything that involves a transition.

Or change.


Because I get comfortable with the present.

And honestly, I think that’s human nature.

In fact, whenever I’m faced with any big change:

I usually go out of my way to resist it.

Even if I KNOW that it will lead to better things.

Now, some people might say they don’t do this.

And I suppose there’s a few out there who don’t…

But for everybody else?

Change can be TOUUGH.

But I’ve learned through the years, when you take time to visualize the next phase, really imagine what it will be like…

It makes taking the first step, the first action, and first movement towards change…

A little bit easier to stomach.

Plus, the faster you get through the transition, the faster you’ll get through the other side…where things CAN be better.

Have you ever had a hard time summoning the courage to make a change?

If so, it makes you only a normal parent. A human being.

Trying to do their best.

Every day.

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