Rethinking Materialism This Year

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This time of year can be stressful.

After all:

A New Year means:


And that can lead to disappointment.

Especially if things don’t work out as you expected….

But there’s also so much joy.

That lingers after the big holiday season.

Even though the season has passed and we’re jumping into the next…

…for so many, the warmth, love, joy, and merriment are still there.

Things like:

Gathering with family and friends.


Listening to your favorite music.

Everybody has their favorite things to do to cultivate good vibes.


I’m writing this from a writing desk while visiting extended family a small town in Middle America.

For me, spending time with family gives me good a good vibe.

Right now, our little one is napping.

Later we’re going for an outing to visit a local dairy, pick up some groceries, and cook a delicious meal. 

…Maybe it’s just this time of year.

But it’s got me thinking about:

What really matters to me in the New Year ahead.

And I keep thinking to myself that it’s not all about money.

Which is on a lot of folks’ minds right now.

After all:

If you’re anything like most families, you probably spent a small fortune on a bunch of gifts this holiday season.

And it was probably worth it!

At least for the smiles on your loved one’s faces.

The memory-making moments with your children.

But the materialism of the season can sometimes go too far!

That’s why I like to take time after Christmas and New Years to reflect.

And do some introspective meditation.



Breathing deeply.



Focusing on what matters.

At least for me. 

Now, you may have different ideas.

Not everything matters the same to everyone.

But if you’re anything like me, these moments of reflection and renewal remind me of things that truly matter.

In spite of the materialism and consumerism that can run amok.


If you’re a bit anxious with the New Year. Because of the hectic pace of life and everything that starting a New Year can mean, consider:

Adding some time to your schedule each day.

Or at least each week.

To take some time to focus on these things that matter.

By reading, meditating, or practicing gratitude. 

Even just a few minutes.

Here and there.


Well, I can’t make any guarantees that these small practices of importance will do anything to radically change your life.

But if you’re anything like me?

It will help you be more present.

Have more gratitude.

And live more fully in the moment.


Manage the year ahead.

And I think of you do that:

The world will become a little better every day.

Because of people like you!

Happy New Year

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