Finding Picture Day Outfit Ideas

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Picture Day Outfit Ideas

Picture day for the kids is one of my favorite days of the year.

Because it reveals an important clothes shopping lesson if you think about it…

And I realized this when picking out the outfit for the last picture day for our toddler.

Here’s what happened:

Picture day was on the calendar.

We picked out an outfit for our little.

It looked great.

But we didn’t know what the background would be.

Or how the lighting would look.

But when we got the pictures, I realized it was too dark.

His dark blue shirt was set against a brown background.

And the look of the picture didn’t feel fresh or bright.

I bring this up because for some parents, finding the perfect picture day outfit is tough.

And here’s why:

They buy the outfits at the same stores that they buy the kids everyday clothes.

I know with that last picture day that’s what we had done.

And though the outfit looked great in person, with the brown background and the lighting it turned out really dark.

If this sounds like a challenge you’ve had, I recommend checking out the site below in the link at the end of this post.

The link takes you to a bright and beautiful website with bright outfits to make a spring photo shoot look great!

If you grab an outfit for your kiddo through this affiliate link, you’ll get 20% off your order.

A cute and beautiful outfit from this site could mean making your next picture day fun rather than stressful – and escape the letdown of getting the pictures back and realize the whole look isn’t what you wanted.

To see the bright and cute outfits for yourself, just follow this link to see the bright and beautiful homepage:

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