Nuna DEMI Grow Stroller Review

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As we’re excitedly getting ready for the arrival of our second child…

We had to get ready to have lots of baby gear again.

It felt overwhelming at times.

So much to do!

And for a lotta stuff it meant refreshing what we had in stock.



Throwing things out.

But adding another little one to the household meant also upgrading some things altogether.

And that meant there was one BIG buying decision we had to make…

What to do about a stroller!

We’d invested in the awesome single Nuna Pippa Max, but it was designed only for one child.

Now we needed something that was reliable, sturdy, and well designed for two growing kiddos.


The Stroller

So we bought the Nuna DEMI Grow Stroller.

Side note: We just got this stroller and so will keep updating this review as we have more insights. So save the pin to refer back!

The Nuna Pippa Demi Grow is a sleek, sturdy two child stroller for growing families who need a ride for TWO.

Its double decker stroller design glides easily when occupied. 

And it looks, feels and acts sturdy, shows a solid design, and is built with high quality materials.

The upper part holds can hold car seat.

And it has different holders compatible with different car seats, but right now we’re just using it with the Nuna Pippa car seat.

And the lower part has the seat for the older kid, but you gotta buy that in addition.

In the link below to PishPosh Baby, the picture shows it with seating for one, but you can grab an accessory chair for your older child to sit in on the lower section.

That’s pretty standard. But there’s some design features that makes it different from competitors.

Long story short?

The Nina Pippa wheels are extra sturdy and ride very smoothly.

Who’s It For And Who It’s Not

Let’s get this straight: it’s for parents with two kids.

It’s not for parents with just one kids, or for anybody with twins.

And it’s really for parents with an infant or baby and a child that’s two or so years older.

It’s for parents who need a dependable, sturdy stroller to wheel your kids around in when you’re out and about.

I’d wager to add it’s for a more urban or suburban family.

This is the stroller that’s going to get you from the car to Starbucks across pavement.

It’s not going to be great if you need something for more rugged conditions.

And it’s not going to be a good fit for you if you’re looking for something multi use, 

Like if you want something that totes around the little ones AND you can go for a run in.

What It Can Do, And Can’t

It’s pretty amazing what this stroller can do.

It’s no simple task to balance two children. But this stroller does it seamlessly.

It’ll comfortably offer a ride for your older child while securing your car seat for the baby up top.


The wheels pop off if you need to fit it in a tight space.

So if you’ve got little trunk space or need extra room for a long trip, don’t worry about the wheels taking up space.

With that said, this isn’t a super low price point.

And while it’s a high quality stroller, the higher price point doesn’t mean it’s going to do all sorts of wonderful things for you, like make lattes or cook dinner.

The PROs

There’s so many awesome things with the Nuna Pippa strollers it’s hard to know where to start.

First, it feels premium! The high quality style of the materials feels good in your hands.

And the mesh style fabric of the seating feels very comfortable on the skin.

Ok, another awesome thing about the Nuna brand of strollers and car seats is that you can pop the car seat in and out of the holder for it.

It’s inline design (vs a more sequential layout) makes it seem like it glides easier.

And this is probably the main reason we went with this stroller over a competitor from Uppababy.

Comparable Uppa Baby stroller sticks out more and looks really long.

But the DEMI Grow is more sleekly aligned for a smoother glide and easier to push.

The CONs

The car seat shade magnets aren’t super strong.

This is a 2 child stroller so it’s not super compact.

In general, while the Nuna Pippa is sturdier than other brands that also means it takes up more space in your trunk.

One early con we had to figure out was how to unlatch they lower seat bar.

Our son is 2.5 so we didn’t want it in his way.

And we haven’t bought any accessories so we didn’t really need it.

We got it unhooked from one side but when we went to futz with the other side it seemed to be stuck.

Huh, I thought. Everything else seemed to click and unclick in a jiffy.


So, do we think this is a fabulous stroller?


We simply love it.

We started with the Nuna Max stroller when we just had one child, and have since graduated.

With its sleek balanced design, and sturdy yet beautiful design, this stroller brings so much to love.

If you’re excited to check one out and start shopping, go here.

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