How To Fall Asleep (Some Tips May Surprise You)

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Last Updated on September 24, 2020 by Creative Parenting

Are you trying to figure out how to fall asleep?

It’s kind of obvious, but not getting enough sleep will sour almost anything you do as a parent.

Expecting first-time parents have a sense the sleep deprivation is coming.

But they can’t imagine how severe it’ll be.

Yet instead of following the guidelines for getting a good night’s sleep…

…they give into risky temptations that reduce sleep town.

And they downplay (or ignore) simple guidelines for sleep safety.

We’re talking about things you can do to get sleep for yourself and the baby and stay safe at the same time.

If you’re a new parent, then we recommend you review these best practices.

We’ll tell you about them in a minute.

We bring this up because before you’re a parent, it’s hard to imagine the intensity of the sleep deprivation.

Plus, once you get through the first stretch of sleep deprivation, you forget what it feels like. So it’s easy to see how nobody talks about it- they’ve forgotten!

Meanwhile, you’re living a sleep-deprived existence, drudging through:

  • Waking up at all hours
  • Going to work feeling dead
  • Driving in fear because your brain is sluggish

And sure, everybody who has a kid faces these things.

But nothing can prepare you for these challenges ahead of time.

And when you’re slogging through the sleepless nights and tired days, it’s easy to feel alone.

That’s what sleep deprivation can do.

But the good news is this:

Both you and your babe can get some sleep. When you start to get sleep, even just a little, it changes everything.

So have you considered if you’re doing everything you can to make that happen?

The first step is making sure you yourself can fall asleep.

The second is following the safety guidelines to help your baby sleep.

Two things that have helped us with the first are:

Turning off blue light, not using your phone an hour before bed, and having some tea to wind down.

Try doing that, and see if you find it a bit easier to fall asleep.

Now about those safety guidelines for your baby…

One new study in the Journal of American Pediatrics found that a lot of parents aren’t following the safety guidelines. In fact, they found a “significant gap in safe sleep practices among U.S. families.”

And here’s the real surprise:

The most straightforward things you can do to ensure your baby sleeps well AND safely are simple.

Yet so many aren’t doing them.

The AAP synopsis alone identifies these practices.

Here’s what they’ll tell you:

Exactly how to place infants to sleep in their cribs (Hint, it’s not what your parents did)

What type of surface your baby should sleep on
The #1 thing you should avoid putting in the baby’s crib

Where you should put your baby’s crib (despite your Pinterest inclinations)

You should apply these tips. 

And make sure your baby sleeps safely.

That way, you won’t be worried about it either.

The result?

A better night’s sleep for you too.

If you’re interested in seeing the summary with the tips, check it out here.

What do you think? Do you find the AAP sleeping recommendations helpful?

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