Parenting Hacks: 20 Tools So You’ll Worry Less

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Last Updated on October 1, 2020 by Creative Parenting

This post contains both non-affiliated and affiliated links with some of the parenting hacks we list below.

Being a parent is tough.

The day to day can be exhausting!

Not to mention the constant worrying.

You’ve gotta love and care for your kiddo AND yourself.

And that means finding little ways to reduce the worries.

As a parent, when your batteries deplete, it can be tough to take care of the little ones.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re taking care of yourself.

With that in mind, here’s 20 “tools” to help you worry less.

In short, you’ve got to minimize the thoughts and distractions that suck your mental energy.

Do that, and you’ll be able to focus more on BIG things.

Sound like something you want to do?

If so, we’ve got some tips so you’ll worry less along the way.

In no particular order here’s a list of helpful ideas:

coffee pot on kitchen counter
You might not think it’s a parenting hack, but how much time do you waste making coffee?

Parenting Hack #1. Automatic Coffee Pot

Your mornings are busy and rushed.

Why waste time making coffee?

Who needs to waste 10 minutes messing with all that anyway?

If you don’t have a pot that brews automatically, and you’re a parent…

It’s time.

Morning you will thank you.

Parenting Hack #2. A Nespresso Maker

nespresso capsules

Forget spending $7 for a Starbucks coffee.

After the initial machine cost, this will drop you down to about $1.50 for a nice foamy cappuccino.


Parenting Hack #3. An Inverse Umbrella

Getting your kid in and out of the car in a downpour?

Yeah, it can really stink.

If you have the right umbrella, there’s no reason you have to get drenched.

Stay dry instead.

4. Cozy Comfy Winter Boots

If you live in the cold Midwest or East Coast listen up.

You’re going to need something better than tennis shoes or non-waterproof boots to schlep through the snow.

It might seem like a big expense now…

But think of it as an investment in your feet.

You can put the days of cold wet feet behind you.

5. High-Quality Tupperware

It’s 2020 and you can guess what that means…

Plastic is out!

And so are the days of worrying about what’s in it.

Recent research has shown that microwaving plastic isn’t good.

Better to use some glass Tupperware instead.

The environment will thank you!

6. An Ice Scraper

Quit using your credit card as an ice scraper!

Rather than using that plastic card to wipe the snow off your windshield, get an ice scraper instead.

Your less frozen hands will thank you.

7. Phone Power Bank

These days almost everybody battles with it at some point;

Battery drain and low power.

If you’re a heavy (or even mild) smartphone user, it doesn’t take much to quickly drain your battery for good.

Luckily, you can avoid having to be stranded waiting for a car jump for hours with this simple device.

8. A Good Iron

There are some things in life worth getting the cheapest thing you can find to save a few bucks here and there.

But a good iron isn’t one of them.

And here’s why.

Lower quality irons simply don’t do a good job. They’ll leave your clothes wrinkly AND take more effort on your part.

Spend a little more and get a good one so you can look sharp with less fuss.

And, a professional-style iron is heavier and the added weight helps press your clothes to a crisp finish.

We like this one.

9. Matching Work Clothes

If you work, one of the most helpful things you can do to reduce the number of decisions you make is to make it easy to decide what to wear to work.

Keep it simple.

JCrew Factory has great options. Keep an eye on their clearance page to get some really snazzy discounts.

Stock up on items that you can mix and match:

The fewer decisions you have to make, the less stressed you’ll be.

Especially when it comes to deciding what to wear.

10. Alexa

Although we’re 20 years into the new millennium, you still might not be ready to talk with a computer in your house.

But if you use Siri or any other cell phone with AI, you’ve been talking to a computer for a while now.

So making the leap to Alexa isn’t that big of a jump.

Bonus: you don’t have to pester your significant other with questions like:

“Are you busy?”

Or: “What’s the weather like?”

Alexa can be your new virtual assistant.

11. Car Power Bank

Imagine what a headache it can be when your battery dies and you’re far from home.

The worry. The waiting. Having to use some vacation time if you’re late for work. How to get it fixed?

Now imagine having the solution!

Don’t hours for a tow truck to arrive and give you a jump.

Instead, you could be up and running in no time with a power bank that also jump-starts your car.

13. A Nose Frida: Nasty? No Way!

Using a bulb sucker to violently suck the gunk out of your kid’s nose can now be a thing of the past!

Luckily now there’s a more humane option.

Enter the Nose Frida.

For a lotta folks it seems gross, but while it might look gross, the snot doesn’t actually get sucked up.

So don’t worry mom and dad, you’re not going to eat their sinus goo.

And it’s a more gentle solution for clearing their sinuses.

13. Home Smart Plugs

If you jump into upgrading your home to a smart home, you’ll need some smart plugs to pair with Alexa.

There’s a lot of options out there.

The Amazon smart plugs are more expensive, so shop around.

Getting a few can be a great way to get several devices paired up right away with Alexa.

14. Simple Bins To Hold All The Toys

Reduce clutter and streamline cleanup in your common spaces with a few bins.

It seems like once you have a toddler the toys start piling up!

Just three or four could make a difference.

Plus, getting a few bins for your living room and keeping the toy clutter in them will help you worry less about tidying up.

Check out these from Target.

15. Quip Toothbrushes

A recent study interestingly highlighted the importance of brushing your teeth.

But if you’re a busy parent it’s easy to rush.

They say you should brush for at least two minutes.

These make that no brainer.

Battery-powered and designed to go for two minutes, they eliminate all worry with remembering how long to brush.

16. A Neck Warmer

These days it seems like everyone is straining their necks.

Whether hunching over a computer or staring down at our phones, the extra weight on our necks can really cause discomfort.

Luckily, some heat on the neck on a regular basis can ease the tensions.

Keep it simple with this neck warmer.

17. Light Therapy

More and more research is showing a connection between getting natural light exposure and your mood and health.

But when it’s overcast or the middle of winter and sunshine is rare, what are you supposed to do?

Luckily, a small light therapy light can literally brighten your day.

18. Almond Oil

Dry skin. Feeling stiff. The discomfort of winter air.

It’s all part of winter when it’s dry out.

And there’s so many options to moisturize out there, some less conventional remedies come to mind.

Try this one out next time you need a strong moisturizer.

19. A Child-Size Table

Do you find yourself fighting with your toddler about staying put at the dinner table?

They’re up and down. Moving. Climbing. And getting down.

Doing anything other than just sitting and eating.

A small child-sized table can help with that.

It’s not a cure-all, but it can give them another option when they don’t feel like sitting at the big table.

20. A Nuna DEMI Grow Stroller

Nothing is more helpful in reducing worry about running errands than knowing you’ve got a stroller that’ll make it a breeze!

Let’s put it this way:

When you’re out and about with your kids, the last thing you want to worry about is if the stroller is up for the job.

So we’ve got you covered for your growing family:

If you’ve got two kids, check out this awesome stroller.

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