How To Find Picture Day Outfits (10 Tips For A Fabulous Picture Day)

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Last Updated on April 6, 2021 by Creative Parenting

Are you looking for tips on how to find picture day outfits?

Picture day for the kids is one of our favorite days of the year, and in this post, we share several of our favorite tips.

We’re Always Super Excited For Picture Day

kids dressed for picture day


Because it reveals an important clothes shopping lesson if you think about it…

And we realized this when picking out the outfit for the picture day for our toddler a couple of years ago.

Here’s what happened:

Picture day was on the calendar.

We picked out an outfit for our little guy.

It looked great.

And Yet We Didn’t Anticipate Several Things in Advance!

boy picture day

For example, we didn’t know what the background would be.

Or how the lighting would look.

And later when we got the pictures, we realized it was too dark.

Plus, his dark blue shirt was set against a brown background.

The result? The look of the picture didn’t feel fresh or bright.

So to others (like you) avoid this mishap, we’ve come up with a few tips for picture day!

Keep Reading To Learn The 10 Tips So You Don’t Make The Same Mistake

girl picture day outfit

We bring this up because for some parents, finding the perfect picture day outfit is tough.

And here’s why:

For that special picture day outfit, they shop at the same old stores.

That’s what we used to do.

And though the outfit we picked out looked great in person, with the brown background and the lighting, the pictures turned out way too dark.

So, how do you find something that’s going to work?

Find Awesome Picture Day Outfit Ideas

Well, finding an awesome outfit with some flexibility is certainly a challenge. But one of the best ways is by doing your homework about what to expect on picture day (think backgrounds)…

And then, prepare both you and your child so you can do everything to make picture day a success.

After that?

It’s off to do some digital shopping at online resalers. Honestly, our favorite thing to do is to buy high-end clothes (that we wouldn’t otherwise normally buy) at a steep discount.

To us, it’s worth a little extra cost. And you can really tell the higher quality clothes make the pictures awesome.

Ebay is still an awesome way to do this, but lately, we’ve been finding a lot of value on Mercari. (not affiliate links).

Now just because you find an awesome outfit that doesn’t mean your prep work is finished.

You could still throw a wrench in picture day if you’re not careful.

So on that note, here are 10 tips to help you have a fabulous picture day:

10 Tips For A Fabulous Picture Day

  1. Find out when picture day is
  2. Put it on your calendar!
  3. Set up MULTIPLE reminders so you don’t forget
  4. Ask about what the backgrounds will be
  5. Figure out what kind of outfits advance
  6. Keep your kid as healthy (as possible) leading up to it
  7. Figure out what pictures you want to order
  8. Talk to your kiddo about what to expect on picture
  9. Practice at home posing and smiling (so they don’t get scared the day of)
  10. Invest in an awesome picture day outfit (that might be fancier than you’d buy otherwise

If you think about and plan for these things in advance…

Plus use Ebay or Mercari to find a super cute and high-quality outfit…

You’ll set yourself for an AWESOME picture day for your kids!

So there you have it, folks:

How to find picture day outfit ideas plus 10 tips to make the day awesome.

Was this helpful?

We hope so!

Let us know.

Drop us a comment below and let us know…

What are some of your favorite picture day tips?

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