If You Don’t Do This As a Parent, You’re Missing Out

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Last Updated on June 29, 2020 by Creative Parenting

Today’s parenting tip is super short and sweet…

It comes courtesy of the good folks at Psychology Today.

It’s a concept so cliche to adults that you might even forget that you need to explain it to your kids.

We’re talking about “an attitude of gratitude.”

What does this even mean?

And how can we apply it practically to our lives?

Especially during a pandemic, it can be tough to keep a sense of gratitude.

So let’s consider how we can do just that.

This one article from Psychology Today has some excellent tips.

What we love about this advice is that it takes the whole concept of gratitude from being an abstract concept, to one of concrete action.

Rather than just walking around saying you have a sense of gratitude, you’re actively trying to live it.

And that’s an important lesson:

Not only should you try to teach your kids about wholesome habits like gratitude, but you should also strive to find tangible ways to make them REAL in your children’s lives.

Because the more concrete we can make abstract ideas, the more we’ll see them realized by our children, future generations, and ultimately, the world.

Most people sit around and spout off aphorisms as if repeating them often enough will somehow make them real in our lives.

They think about having an “attitude of gratitude” as something esoteric that we think about…

…but don’t necessarily take concrete action and steps to effect in our daily lives.

The truth of the matter is, if you want to see a posture of gratefulness manifest in your life, you’ve gotta take steps to make it so.

Putting ideals into practice isn’t just a mental exercise.

It’s a practical one.

And it requires action.

Parents who take steps to model “an attitude of gratitude” through actions will see a positive return on their efforts, but those who only think about it likely won’t see any result at all.

If you’ve only been thinking the whole concept of an “attitude of gratitude” was a thought exercise…

Take some time today to write out two ways tomorrow that you can turn that into a reality.

If you are the type of person who takes action to turn a sense of gratitude into real concrete actions…

Think about how you can do so more often.

Otherwise, you won’t see gratitude expanding in your life.

Do everything you can do to see gratitude become a reality in your life.

And now that you’ve read this, reflect for a moment:

Do you practice gratitude?

Or just think about it?

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