50 Amazing 2024 Summer Bucket List Ideas For Families


Looking for awesome summer ideas?

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Here’s a summer bucket list with 25 fun ideas for families with young kids for 2024…

  • Host a backyard camping adventure complete with tents, s’mores, and stargazing.
  • Visit a local farm or orchard and pick your own fruits and vegetables.
  • Organize a neighborhood water balloon fight or slip ‘n’ slide party.
  • Attend an outdoor movie night or drive-in theater.
  • Go on a nature scavenger hunt and see who can find the most interesting items.
  • Have a backyard carnival with games, prizes, and carnival-style snacks.
  • Create sidewalk chalk masterpieces on the driveway or sidewalk.
  • Visit a different playground every week and have a picnic lunch.
  • Participate in a community clean-up day and learn about environmental stewardship.
  • Go on a family bike ride and explore new trails or neighborhoods.
  • Host a backyard talent show and let the kids showcase their unique talents.
  • Attend a minor league baseball game and cheer on the local team.
  • Participate in a fun run or charity walk as a family.
  • Have a backyard movie night with a projector and homemade snacks.
  • Go berry picking and bake a delicious pie or cobbler with your fresh haul.
  • Visit a nearby beach or lake for a day of swimming and sandcastle building.
  • Attend a local fair or festival and ride the rides, play games, and try new foods.
  • Host a backyard luau with Hawaiian-inspired decorations, music, and cuisine.
  • Go on a family fishing trip and see who can catch the biggest fish.
  • Participate in a community gardening project and teach kids about growing their own food.
  • Attend an outdoor concert or performance in the park.
  • Go on a nature hike and learn about the local flora and fauna.
  • Host a backyard game night with classic outdoor games like cornhole, ladder toss, and giant Jenga.
  • Attend a minor league baseball game and have the kids run the bases after the game.
  • Volunteer as a family at a local soup kitchen or food bank.

Still brainstorming?

Here are 25 more original summer bucket list ideas for families with young kids:

  • Set up a lemonade stand and let the kids practice their entrepreneurial skills.
  • Go strawberry picking and make fresh strawberry jam or frozen treats.
  • Attend an outdoor play or theater performance in the park.
  • Host a backyard Olympics with fun, kid-friendly games and events.
  • Go on a family geocaching adventure and hunt for hidden treasures.
  • Visit a nearby farm and learn about the different animals and their care.
  • Have a backyard painting party and create masterpieces on canvases.
  • Attend a minor league hockey game and experience the excitement of live sports.
  • Go on a family bike ride and stop for ice cream or frozen yogurt along the way.
  • Host a backyard camp-out and tell spooky stories by the firepit.
  • Participate in a community garden project and teach kids about sustainable gardening.
  • Attend a local outdoor concert or music festival designed for families.
  • Go on a family hike and have a picnic at the scenic overlook.
  • Host a backyard science experiment day and explore fun, hands-on activities.
  • Visit a nearby botanical garden or arboretum and learn about different plants.
  • Attend a minor league soccer game and cheer on the local team.
  • Go kayaking or canoeing on a nearby lake or river.
  • Host a backyard dance party with fun music and learn new dance moves.
  • Attend a outdoor live theater performance or play.
  • Go on a family fishing trip and cook your catch over a campfire.
  • Visit a nearby children’s museum or science center for hands-on learning.
  • Host a backyard movie marathon with classic family-friendly films.
  • Attend an outdoor concert or music festival in the park.
  • Go on a family bike ride and explore a new town or city.
  • Host a backyard arts and crafts day with tie-dye, pottery, or other creative projects.

Happy summer!

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