We write the parenting tips we wish we had!

Good parenting isn’t easy.

Yet in our experience, a lot of the parenting advice out there is either too general, or leaves you feeling unsatisfied.

We’re working to fill that gap!

Trying to be an awesome parent can feel overwhelming, and yet, we all want to do our best for our kids.

Talk to any busy parent today and you’ll easily discover how overwhelming the information is out there, and still how unsatisfying it can be.

We created this site to write about our experiences, with the life lessons, tips, and insights we learn along the way as parents.

Our goal is to help others who are facing the challenges we’ve faced get the insights that we wish we had known beforehand.

We are a real family! We live in the suburbs of a large city in the Midwest, and we hope you find our tips helpful!


The Clarks