4 Date Night At Home Ideas (For A Delightful Evening After Your Kids Go To Bed)

date night at home with wine

Looking for date night at home ideas?

This post is for busy moms (and yes dads too) out there. Got super young kids at home? We know how hard it can be to make time for yourselves.

Since our anniversary is soon, we were inspired to put this post together with some ideas for other parents in the same boat.

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Does This Scenario Sound Familiar?

date night at home with kids1

It’s Friday night.

You’re exhausted from a long week.

Maybe you’ve noticed one of these 20 signs of exhaustion.


Maybe not.

Either way, once Friday night rolls around…

It’s finally the end of the week.

You’ve made it!

Even though you’re tired, you’re ready to have some fun.

So is your partner in parenting. At some point, anticipating your Friday night, you’ll both be trying to think of date night at home ideas.

But because you’ve got the little ones at home (and Covid keeping you from going out!), you’re staying in.

So what to do?

Well, if you’re short of ideas – start with this:

A Fun Date Night At Home Idea? Cuddle and iPhone

Doesn’t this sound romantic?

We know… maybe not.

Maybe it sounds lame?

If it does, you might not be in the phase of life we’re in (where it’s perfect lol).

But here’s the thing.

Well, two things really.

First, there’s a reasonably good chance that you’re doing this already…

So admitting that is the FIRST step.

You just might not be doing it intentionally.

If you’ve got kids, it’s easy to slip into watching something on a screen while sitting next to each other, without actually being focused on each other.

Just because you’re both sipping wine and reclining on the couch doesn’t mean it can’t be relaxing, fun, or time focused on each other.

Instead of scrolling mindlessly through memes, do something that engages both of you.

Things like…

Watching funny video clips…

Or read the news to each other (if that’s your thing)…

Or a romantic film…

You get the idea.

If this sounds familiar?

Then there’s a good chance you’re doing this already!

All we’re saying is…

Be intentional about it.

If you’re doing this already, but not doing the next idea, then give it a try.

Watch A Mom Centered Comedy Special

The whole “Netflix and Chill” thing is kinda old news if you’ve been around a while (If you ask me).

Not exactly the most original date night at home idea.


It’s especially old news if you have a baby, toddler, or otherwise care for some small human creature that’s dependent on you.

Because you don’t have the leisure time like you used to.

That’s why we want to get more specific.

We don’t want to just watch anything…

We want to LAUGH.

But, it’s not always easy to find something good with our Netflix choices.

So let’s talk about one of our favorites:

Comedy specials.

Here’s why:

There’s so many options now of things to watch, it can be hard to decide!

But, if you’re exhausted from a long and busy week, why watch something serious? After all, if you’re going to discuss a ton of date night at home ideas and find one you both agree on, you might as well pick one where you both laugh.

That’s why we’ve gotten into watching comedy specials (of a certain type).

You see, we don’t just pick any comedian.

We like comedians who are parents.

And especially new moms!


Because they have the BEST perspective.

They tell it like it is.

They aren’t afraid to talk about the gritty details.

They go there.

(If you know what I mean).

Because let’s face it:

Nothing makes us laugh more as new parents than hearing from other parents who’ve gone through what we’re going through…

And survived.

Now, once you pick out your comedy special, if you’re anything like us and make one of the weekend days a *cheat* day with your meals, then you’re gonna want a tasty treat.

That’s why you should:

Have Your Spouse/Partner Make YOU A Special Dessert

Doesn’t that sound nice =)


Because you KNOW he (or she) has a serious sweet tooth.

All joking aside…

If you’re health-conscious and try to watch what you eat (like we do), one thing that can make your time with your husband (or wife, this post is for everyone) special is by saving those special treats for those nights.

Because waiting…

…makes it even more enjoyable.

But there’s a secret to doing it right.

You can’t just have any old dessert.

Don’t just have ice cream.

Cause when you’re looking for date night ideas…

You gotta:


Go bold.

Get a double brownie fudge sundae.

Or a massive piece of pie!

Whatever is your most favorite.

But here’s the catch:

You have to do this strategically.

So you can’t be eating a bunch of junk on all the other days of the week.

Try it for 1 week if you’re skeptical.

And see what happens.

Next idea:

Look At Your Engagement Photos

When was the last time you went back and looked at your wedding photos?

Or much less your engagement photos!

I bet it’s been a while…

Aren’t married?

That’s ok.

This one’s actually for everyone. My point is this:

Take some time each evening to look back over positive photos from events in your life.

And especially do this with your significant other.


Feel good.

Remember the fun times.

Because being a parent is tough.

Really high highs, and some of the lowest of lows.

Like I said before, life’s too short to be sooo serious!

And one way to lighten things up (besides watching comedy specials) is to:

Cultivate Gratitude


It’s all about getting perspective.

Practicing mindfulness. Living in the moment.

(And reducing some stress while you’re at it).

Plus, you train your brain to be ever grateful for the present moment.

Gratitude is a skill that, like a muscle, can be trained if flexed and exercised regularly.

And if there’s one thing that’s true with life with a young baby, it’s this:

Life can be hectic.




So it pays dividends (both long and short-term) to learn to be grateful…





Cause you’ll be a better parent!

What are your favorite date night ideas when staying in?

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