How To Prevent Diaper Blowouts (+10 Tips So You Don’t Panic)


Looking for how to prevent diaper blowouts?

When your kid has a diaper blowout, do you stay calm or freak out?

When it happens, you’re lucky if you don’t lose your mind (a bit).

You know how it goes…

You’re in the car. On your way. And then it happens. First, the smell. Is it a toot?


Then you look. And it’s bad. A complete mess. Poop all up his backside. Poop on the car seat.

Poop on his hands.

And that’s when your stress levels rise.

Say It With Me: “Don’t Panic”

But there’s a subtle way to shift your reaction…

For us:

We’ve been applying some basic mindful parenting lessons to shift our response.

After all:

It’s not that it’s really such a disaster.

But Pull Over If You’re Driving

It’s just a poop of a mess, right?


When it happens, the first thing is to not overreact.

And use it to reflect on why it frustrates you in the first place.

You see, I’m a planner.

I’m organized.

I’m in charge.

And like many parents who feel that way, I like to think I’m owning the day in many areas:

  • Managing a household
  • Raising my kid
  • Pursuing career success

And that’s what I KNOW I’m doing, every day.

Living life to the fullest.

But then, the little mishaps happen.

I mean, with the really big stuff I stay calm as a Monk in Tibet.

But the little things?

Like diaper blowouts?

That’s super stressful.

But here’s the thing…

I would have never learned how to stop this endless overacting if I hadn’t picked up a few tips to deal with this situation.

With our first child the first few times it was stressful…

But now? Not so much. Keep reading for the tips so you too can stay calm when it happens.

Imagine this…

Instead of overacting when the diaper blowouts (or whatever grinds your gears) happens you:

  • Remain Calm
  • Stay In Control
  • Even Laugh At the Absurdity

As a result, you’re able to more elegantly navigate the little stressful situations in life.

…so you can handle the big stressors even more gracefully.

In my case, that’s what mindfulness (plus a few practical tips) has helped me achieve:

Instead of overreacting, just take a few deep breaths, exhale through the crazy, and bring yourself back to the present.

Even though it sounds too good to be true at first…

I always manage now to eventually get back to the present moment now.

Even in the craziest of kid situations.

And no, I’m not perfect.

I still get pretty worked up sometimes.

But it’s knowing that I have this amazing tool in my toolbox now,

that keeps me striving for the place of parenting zen.

So if this is something you struggle with too, do what I do:

Here are 10+ Tips To Prevent Diaper Blowouts (From Being A Real Mess):

  • Practice breathing (and holding your breath LOL)
  • Go BEFORE You Go (i.e. before you leave the house)
  • Keep wipes everywhere
  • Have MULTIPLE diaper stations in your house
  • Check OFTEN for poopy diapers (before they blowout)
  • Make sure you’re using diapers that are the correct size
  • Have a diaper changing station on the FLOOR
  • Keep a pile of change clothes next to the diaper station (so you can reach ’em)
  • Take a DEEP breath (to hold) before you unwrap the diaper
  • Invest in a Diaper Genie
  • Buy used cars (LOL so you don’t ruin your car)
  • Keep a bigger perspective on the little things.
  • Take up meditation.

And let us know:

How do you prevent diaper blowouts? Do you have any tips to share? And how do you prevent diaper blowouts from becoming a total mess and ruining your day?

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