How To Deal With Mother In Law Who Hates You


Mothers In Law!

They can be AMAZING.

But yes, they can be very, very, well let’s say, challenging.

You might even feel like they hate you. Even if it isn’t so.

So you’ve found out you’re expecting. Maybe it’s early.

Maybe it’s been a few weeks, or months.

And sooner or later you start to realize…

Your Mother In Law is going to be a challenge even while pregnant.

Perhaps yours is a breeze?

If so, this post isn’t for you…

But if you’ve had a few hiccups along the way, here are some tips that might help for different scenarios…

When She Sticks Her Foot In Her Mouth

It’s the biggest event of your life, perhaps after your wedding.

But at some point, she’s going to say something completely ridiculous.

Idea: Don’t justify every preference or decision to her.

Doing so could make it worse.


Because it concedes a bit of power to her in the relationship.

Set some boundaries, and enforce them!

When She Jumps The Gun On The Birth Announcement

Maybe you’ve told your parents and your in-laws.

But aren’t ready to announce it to the world.

You then see her casually just posting it for all her Facebook friends to see!

What to do?

Idea: Triage and contact her right away. Ask her to take the post down.

There’s a good chance – if it’s only been up a while, that it won’t be seen (maybe).

Even if it is, she should respect your timeline for telling friends and family.

A simple direct ask might be all it takes.

When She Gives Her Opinion On Your House/Car/Plans/Life… Without Being Asked

Maybe it’s your new rug. Or a new chair.

Perhaps she means well. Maybe she just wanted to comment on it.

But it came across negative.

Why does she just judge everything?

Your response?

Ask clarifying questions.

Clarify what she really means. Or, just let the comments fall flat.

Don’t respond. Even if it really gets under your skin.

Might be better to just let it slide…

When She Gives You Bad, Outdated, Or Old Baby Advice

It’s 2018, not 1980.

Even in the last year a lot of advice has changed.

Know your stuff, don’t pretend that she has all the answers.

Don’t be afraid to call her out and tell her flat-out when something she says to do just isn’t the way we do it these days.

At the end of the day:

It’s your baby.

Your life.

And your house.

After all:

Mom Knows Best.

And you’re the mom now!

So what does that mean?

YOU know best.

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