50+ Questions To Ask Daycare In 2024


Looking at daycares and wondering what sorts of questions to ask?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, we’ll go through the most important questions to ask when you’re searching for a daycare.

With two kids under the age of 7, we’ve changed daycares several times.

If you’ve ever had to try and chose a daycare, you know what an emotional roller coaster it can be.

That’s why we’ve put together this list!

Our hope is that this list will help you be less stressed as you make the transition to a new daycare.

Let’s jump in:

Basic Questions

What’s a typical day like?

Knowing what a typical day is like will not only help your kiddo adjust, it will help you know if it’s the kind of place you want your kid to be.

It’ll also help you know if your child will be comfortable with the type of activities they do.

Can we see the schedule?

Asking the daycare about their schedule for each age group and class allows you to plan your child’s enrollment accordingly.

Plus, knowing the daycare’s hours and closures ahead of time helps you coordinate your work schedule and arrange childcare.

And knowing the plan for the day will give you peace of mind to know what’s going on.

Can we take a tour?

Touring a daycare allows you to get a firsthand look at the facilities, meet teachers, and observe the daily activities and routines.

Visiting a potential daycare in person can help you determine if the environment and programming are a good fit for your child’s needs and personality.

Do you have an indoor program, gym, or place to play?

What do you do when it’s raining cats and dogs outside but the kids still have energy to burn?

An indoor play space is a daycare’s savior on harsh weather days!

Kids can romp and stomp to their heart’s content without getting drenched.

An indoor play area allows for puddle-free fun and games so children can climb, jump, and skip even when it’s gloomy outdoors.

Having an inside playspace means weather can’t put a damper on active playtime and growing bodies get to stretch their legs rain or shine.

Do you have an outside playground?

Sunshine and fresh air – that’s what the doctor ordered!

An outdoor playground at a daycare is a huge plus and will help your kids grow strong and healthy.

Running freely and on the playground allows children’s bodies and minds to recharge.

Climbing, sliding, and swinging provides important active play for muscles and coordination.

And what’s better than some good ol’ dirt?

An outdoor play space lets kids dig, plant, and explore the wonders of nature.

Rain or shine, an outdoor playground is a magical place for imaginations to soar.

How many times a day do the kids go outside?

Kids thrive outside…

Daily outdoor playtime is essential for children’s physical, mental, and social growth.

Fresh air and sunshine, room to run and explore – the great outdoors inspires young bodies and minds.

Ask how many times a day they get to go outside, and where.

If the answer is zero, you may want to reconsider.

What time is nap time?

Picture this: your little one, nestled in a cozy corner, drifting off to dreamland with a smile.

But wait, before you choose a daycare, have you asked about their nap time routine?

It’s crucial:

A quality daycare understands the importance of rest and has a thoughtful way of handling it.

So don’t forget to inquire about nap time at daycare.

It’s the key to ensuring your child’s energy is replenished, ready to conquer the world!

What time are lunch and snacks?

As a parent, it’s important to know when your little ones will be munching on their midday meal and snacks.

This way, you can plan ahead and ensure they’re getting the nutrition they need to fuel their busy day.

Don’t be afraid to ask your daycare provider about their meal schedule – it’s all about keeping your kids happy and healthy.

Does each kid have a cubby to keep their stuff in?

Make sure to ask a crucial question: will each child have their very own cubby?

It’s not just a place to store their belongings, but a personal haven where they can unleash their imagination and feel special and welcome.

Do you have an app for communicating with parents?

Don’t forget to ask the daycare if they have an awesome app for keeping you in the loop.

With an app, you can communicate with the daycare staff, receive updates, and even see adorable pictures of your kiddos throughout the day.

It’s like having a virtual window into your child’s world.

If they’re up to date with technology and have an app that’ll make your parenting journey a whole lot easier.

(Confirming) the tuition amounts?

Parents, listeKnowing the actual costs is crucial for your financial planning. No more surprises!

From diapers to snacks, every penny counts.

So, buckle up and get ready to conquer the daycare world armed with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions.

Do you give any discounts to siblings?

If you’re considering sending your second child to daycare, it’s always worth asking if they offer any discounts.

It could save you some extra cash and make the decision a little easier. Give it a shot!

When is the monthly tuition due?

As a parent, it’s understandable to have concerns about monthly daycare costs.

It’s important to ask questions to ensure your child is receiving quality care.

Consider asking about the staff-to-child ratio, educational activities, and meal options.

Remember, your child’s well-being is a top priority and it’s okay to ask for clarification on any expenses.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Knowing how a daycare accepts payment helps you plan your payments appropriately.

Does the daycare prefer checks or online transfers?

In our experience, most daycares prefer you to transfer the money using Zelle, or something similar.

Being aware of payment options will help you plan so you can get it set up beforehand to make the payments.

We had to set up a second checking account because our main one didn’t work with Zelle.

Are there any additional fees?

Many daycares charge fees beyond the basic tuition, so it’s important to know about them upfront.

Common extra fees may include registration fees, supplies fees, late pickup fees, and field trip fees.

Asking about additional costs will allow you to accurately budget for daycare and avoid unexpected charges.

It’s best to be transparently aware of what to expect from the start!

Questions About Pickup and Drop-Off

Dropping your child off at daycare for the first time can be an emotional experience for any parent.

As you hug and wave goodbye, worries may run through your mind.

Will they be okay without me? What if they get scared or upset?

Though it’s natural to feel anxious, you can help ease your mind by having an open conversation with the daycare staff about pickup and drop off procedures.

Knowing what to expect can make the transition smoother for you and your child.

We’ve written the questions below to help!

  • What’s the earliest time that we can drop the kids off?
  • What’s the latest time for pickup?
  • Are there any charges for before care or aftercare?
  • Do you charge any sort of fees for late arrival?
  • Are you letting parents come inside during pickup and dropoff? Or…
  • Do we have to meet you/someone outside?

Questions about food

  • Do you provide meals?
  • Do you have a sample menu?
  • Do you provide snacks?
  • What time is meal time/snack time?
  • Do you have fridges for milk?
  • How are the kid’s items labeled?
  • Are there any dietary restrictions?

Question about the facility/teachers/curriculum

  • Tell us about your teachers?
  • Can we meet the teachers?
  • What are their educational background and work experience?
  • Do you have teacher bios on your website?

Questions about teachers and staff

  • How many teachers do you have?
  • Tell us about the teachers’ background and education?
  • What types of professional development do you require your teachers to complete?
  • What’s the classroom management style of the teachers?
  • What’s behavioral management strategies do you use?

Questions about curriculum

  • What curriculum do you follow?
  • Do you have parent-teacher meetings? When do those happen?
  • Do you use an off-the-shelf program to track milestones?
  • Does the curriculum follow an outlined calendar throughout the year? Do you provide a copy to parents?
  • What precautions are you taking?
  • Does everyone wear a mask?
  • What kind of masks do you require?
  • Are you limiting enrollment?
  • What do you require if a student tests positive?
  • What covid policies do you have?
  • How are you cleaning?
  • How is the building ventilated?
  • Are you taking the kids outside?
  • Are you letting people into the building?


With so much going on in the world…

And so many changes from the pandemic…

If you’re sending your kids off to daycare in 2023, you’re going to have a million questions…

So keep this list as a handy reference.

It’ll help you cover the basics, along with some key questions to ask during covid.

And drop us a comment and let us know:

What are your daycare questions for 2023?

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