Working From Home With Kids? 3 Simple Tips To Stay Sane

mom going crazy working from home

Because of the pandemic, so many folks are working from home with kids when they didn’t expect to be…

Never in a million years did we think we’d be living through this.

And yet, the world has changed:

  • Schools are closed.
  • Daycare options are limited.
  • Everyone, it seems, is STRESSED OUT.

On top of all that:

We don’t know how long this new reality is going to last.

So we’re figuring out things as we go.

Trying to keep the kids engaged while somehow getting things done for work.

It can feel overwhelming at times.

Because as soon as you have a “success” day where things seem like they start to click, you can just as easily have an off day the next day.

On some days, you can have both at the same time.

And while there might be a lot of upsides to being shuttered in if that applies to you, there’s a TON of added stress right now too.

Do you feel like everyone is operating with a short fuse?

We sure do.

If you are fortunate enough and happen to be able to work from home, you’re in a different place from essential workers who are at greater risk because they don’t have that luxury.

And we should be grateful to them and show our appreciation however we can.

And all in all, if you are working from home, you have a LOT to be grateful for.

Yet, despite knowing this, it can be VERY challenging to work from home with little ones running around.

But the thing is…

woman working from home with kids

Despite these challenges, we can adapt!

This new reality requires a new approach to “work-life balance”.

And while it’s debatable whether it ever existed before, it’s certainly scarce now.

So here are a few tips to manage your “new normal.”

Tip #1: Reduce Time On Household Errands

man getting a home delivery
Why shop for groceries when you can order pizza instead?

If you’re working from home with kids, the #1 frustrating thing right now is that time is scarce.

You don’t have the time as you used to for ordinary, routine tasks.

Here’s how you can adapt:

Figure out what errands you can drop.

While a few essential stores might be open, you don’t have to need to go to the store every single day.

And then figure out how you can your errands better. If you’ve never done grocery planning, now’s a great time to start.

For a lot of folks, this is a big trip that takes a lot of time out of the day.

By reducing your short-term need for outings and errands, you’ll free up more time for work and your kids.

If you’re in a city that offers delivery services for groceries, give that a try.

You might have to pay a delivery fee, but it could be worth it to save a few hours.

If delivery isn’t available, you can at least use the pickup option more and more companies like Walmart are offering.

Thinking of heading to the store?

Call ahead and see if they offer curbside pickup.

For every errand you don’t have to go on, that’ll be more time you can have in your day for other tasks.

Tip #2: Make Every Hour Count

ticking clock
As a parent, every second is precious.

This tip might surprise you:

If you’ve ever thought about trying to lose weight, you might have heard about counting calories…

But have you ever counted your minutes?

We’re talking about tracking how you spend every minute of your day and tracking it at a granular level. As a parent working from home, your time is more valuable than ever before.

Without a system for strategically monitoring your time, it’s too easy to get distracted by a social media rabbit hole of thinking about what home projects you need to work on when you’re working from home with kids.

A simple fix for this is time blocking out what you want to achieve.

(On a side note, it also might help if you take up a coffee addiction).

You can then use a variety of techniques – such as the Pomodoro Technique- to chunk up the time you spend on certain tasks.

Doing this will help you become aware of the time that you waste on trivial things.

That way, you can maximize your time for things that matter.

Now, you don’t have to go crazy with this and do it all the time.

It can be a simple one-time experiment to gauge how much time you waste on projects that aren’t a high priority.

Ok, next and final tip:

Tip #3 For Working From Home With Kids: Put The Oxygen Mask On Yourself First

self care motivational quote
Neglect yourself and you’ll slip with other responsibilities.

With so much going on in the world, changes to everyone’s routines, and your local gym being closed, it’s easier than ever to slip on taking care of yourself.

Late-night feedings of little ones can deprive you of sleep.

The sleep deprivation of caring for a baby can zap your energy to workout…

And with gyms all pretty much closed down, it can be harder than ever to care for yourself.

But the reality is, with so many extra demands on your time these days, you’ll be able to manage everything better if you keep your health a priority.,

Now sure, it’s easier said than done.

If keeping up with some of the basics you used to seems difficult in the era of shelter-in-place orders, try this approach instead:

Rework your priorities for what you’ll achieve for however long this lasts.

Because this new reality isn’t like our old normal.

In difficult times, simple things like drinking plenty of water, and getting lots of sleep can make a difference.

And when you do all three?

The workday will fly by with much less stress.

So there you have it, friends.

3 tips you can follow to make working from home with kids a little less crazy.

What are you doing to stay sane while working from home with kids?

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